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  V P N   
  Analog VoIP   
  Digital VoIP    
  IP Phone   
  Proxy Server   
  R A S    
  SOHO VoIP    
  Frame Relay   
  Fax Server   
  Terminal S/W   
  Fax Router   
  Test System   
  Device Drivers
Device drivers for intelligent multi-port serial cards for Windows 95/98/NT, SCO UNIX, Linux and Novell NetWare platforms.

Device drivers for hybrid ISDN and analog modem cards for use in top of the line Remote Access Server products.

Drivers for ethernet and arcnet network cards for DOS, and embedded systems using Motorola processors.


Windows 95/98/NT, SCO Unix, Linux, Novell Netware
DOS and Embedded Motorola Platforms


Around 40 man years


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