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  V P N   
  Analog VoIP   
  Digital VoIP    
  IP Phone   
  Proxy Server   
  R A S    
  SOHO VoIP    
  Fax Server   
  Terminal S/W   
  Fax Router   
  Device Driver   
  Test System   
  Frame Relay Access Device

The Frame Relay Access Device (FRAD), routes LAN data and multiplexes asynchronous/ synchronous data from one Ethernet port and two data ports into frame relay format suitable for transport over a Frame Relay network.

The FRAD provides intelligent routing for IP and IPX protocols with MAC layer bridging for other protocols using data encapsulation described in RFC 1490. They multiplex synchronous data at up to 128 kbps and asynchronous data at up to 115 kbps from two data ports with support for Annex-D, Annex-A, and LMI Frame Relay network management types.

An intuitive and easy to use Windows based management software is provided. It is also manageable with a dumb terminal or using SNMP, Telnet or Web browsers.


Embedded system based on Motorola Processor


10 man years


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