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  V P N   
  Analog VoIP   
  Digital VoIP    
  IP Phone   
  Proxy Server   
  R A S   
  SOHO VoIP    
  Frame Relay   
  Fax Server   
  Terminal S/W   
  Device Driver   
  Test System   
  Internet Fax Router
The Internet fax router provides the capability to send fax messages internationally over the internert, without incurring long distance call charges.

This is a total solution for faxing over IP on the Internet, providing up to 8 lines in the DOS version and up to 32 lines in the Windows-NT version. Windows based administration utilities support centralized configuration of the fax and routing parameters, as well as log management and activity tracking.


DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98 and Windows NT


10 man years


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