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  Network Management Application

This is a Windows 95/98/NT based application to administer and monitor a group of remote access servers. It uses the SNMP management framework supported by the remote access server to provide an intuitive, yet powerful interface for administration.

A graphical network map is used to represent the logical and physical connectivity. It supports complete configuration of a group of remote access servers, and real-time monitoring. A variety of log analysis options are supported to monitor the usage, both on-line and off-line.

In addition to the local graphical user interface, the manager also supports full-fledged administration and monitoring of the remote access servers through any Java browser.

The manager communicates with the remote access server and disseminates the real-time events and statistics to all the Java browsers so that monitoring can be concurrently done from more than one browser without adding too much of processing overhead on the remote access server.


Windows 95/98/NT, Java


10 man years


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