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  V P N   
  Analog VoIP   
  Digital VoIP    
  IP Phone   
  R A S    
  SOHO VoIP   
  Frame Relay   
  Fax Server   
  Terminal S/W   
  Fax Router   
  Device Driver   
  Test System   
  Proxy server
This is an internet access device which supports up to three WAN ports and a LAN port in a small to mid-size office for internet access.

It supports the Multi-link PPP (MLPPP) technology to aggregate bandwidth along with automatic load sharing. It supports client and address based filtering. It eliminates the need for a separate firewall, router, and DSU. NAT supports access to corporate web, ftp and mail servers from the internet.

In addition it supports several popular protocols. VPN support through PPTP is provided. It can be locally managed from a terminal interface or Windows application. It also provides for remote management over the network through Telnet and SNMP.


Embedded system based on Motorola Processor


Around 40 man years


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