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  Remote Access Server
This is a scalable dial-in/dial-out remote access server. It supports remote access over PPP or SLIP for IP and IPX networks. Each segment can support up to 48 analog modem ports or 30 ISDN ports. Any of the ports can be configured for Client-to-Lan or LAN-to-LAN operation.

It supports the Multi-link PPP (MLPPP) technology to aggregate the bandwidth of multiple channels connecting to the same segment. To scale the bandwidth for calls landing across segments it uses PPTP or the multi-chassis technology.

It supports both PAP and CHAP for authenticating remote users with a local database or with the industry standard RADIUS or TACACS server. Powerful administrative policies can be defined with the Time-of-day login permissions, connection time limit, inactivity timeout, and dial-in/dial-out permissions on a per port basis.

It has built in FTP support for automatically upgrading the remote access server, an SNTP client for time synchronization and a versatile packet filtering mechanism for implementing security policies.

The system can be managed using Telnet, WEB browser, SNMP manager and a proprietary DOS based utility.


DOS, Windows 95/98/NT 


50 man years


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