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  V P N   
  Analog VoIP   
  Digital VoIP    
  IP Phone   
  Proxy Server   
  R A S    
  SOHO VoIP    
  Frame Relay   
  Fax Server   
  Fax Router   
  Device Driver   
  Test System   
  Terminal/Fax/Remote Control Software
This is a suite of software components including terminal, fax, and remote control (host & remote) applications. Terminal applications (DOS & Windows) support different terminal emulation's, and all popular file transfer protocols. An extensible scripting support is available for automated tasks.

The fax software allows users to send and receive faxes from desktop and has built-in printer driver support For DOS, Windows 3.x and Windows 95/98/NT environments. The remote control software allows users to Remote control their PC's via serial ports, IPX, NetBIOS, or NCSI communication ports.


DOS, Windows 3.x


20 man years


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