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  SOHO VoIP Gateway
SOHO Voice over IP gateway is a two port gateway that provides predictable, real-time, toll-quality voice and fax communication over an existing IP data network or the internet. This solution is ideal for companies wanting to save on long-distance intra-office voice and fax communication.

It compresses the voice/fax communication using the ITU G.723 standard, sends and receives faxes at up to 14.4 kbps and requires no integration into a server or desktop PC. It provides forward error-correction and bad frame interpolation for clarity in voice communication and supports direct connection to telephone instruments, key telephones, PBX extensions, or PBX trunks with E&M, FXO, and FXS connectors on each port.

It can be managed through a terminal interface or a Windows based application. Remote management through Telnet, SNMP or web browsers over the internet is also supported. Extensive management capabilities such as live reporting, usage tracking, call history, and voice quality statistics are also provided.


Embedded system based on Motorola Processor


10 man years


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