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M-ICE:JTAG Debugger for ARM7 & ARM9

Making Reliability Strikingly Affordable

Debugger draws power from the target - it doesn't  need external power supply !

It works on Standard Serial Interface - without any interfacing problems!

M-ICE from Multitech is a Powerful, Fast, Easy to Use, low cost tool designed for optimum performance.  It's ease of use makes it ideally suitable for all development needs. Further, the Cost savings and effectiveness in development brings in the Time-to-Market advantage !

  • Halt target CPU
  • Restart from halts
  • Read / Write CPU registers
  • Single stepping
  • Read and write from memory
  • Set and remove break points
  • Set and remove watch points
  • Configure exceptions/interrupts individually such that CPU enters debug state
  • Check status of the CPU at any instant
  • Reset the target CPU
  • Supports GDB's INSIGHT (C, Assembly and Mixed-mode)
  • Image download speed upto 10 Kbps

  • Non-intrusive, uses no target resources
  • Supports Internal break register
  • Host access via RS232 (up to 115Kbaud)
  • Unified user interface
  • Parallelism in software and hardware development to reduce time to market
  • Assist in bringing up new hardware
  • Unlimited software breakpoints.
  • Single Stepping
  • Full control of the ARM CPU
  • Access to host system peripherals for screen display, keyboard input and disk storage
  • No Additional RAM or ROM required in the target system for debugging
  • Full host system access including screen, keyboard and storage for the target.
  • Easy to connect on target
  • Works on any deeply embedded ARM system
  • Production test software for Debugger Hardware testing, without any user intervention.

Hardware Specifications
  • Target processor - ARM9 or ARM7 (other target CPU's support to be available very soon)
  • 10 Kbps download of Executable Image
  • Serial Port interfacing
  • 20 / 14 pin JTAG port
  • Power - Drawn from the Target
  • Power Required - Approx. 500 Mw
  • LED indicators for  Power status


Download - Software for M-ICE (Windows 9X)

Download - Software for M-ICE (Windows 2000/XP)

Services from MultiTech

* Customization services for any software tools to work with M-ICE

* Device Drivers to suit debugger applications.

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