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In today’s competitive environment, the challenges for most of the companies are:

Developing feature-rich products with key differentiators
Ability to bring products into the market in the shortest possible timeframe
Offering high-performance and stable products
Retaining customers through long-term commitment and support

Having understood these challenges, MultiTech Software Systems offers different business models to its clients, to be able to make a distinctive impact on their performance.

This is suitable for customers who are looking to outsource on a long-term basis.

A dedicated Software Development Facility (SDF) is built with a dedicated Project Manager leading the team and one of the Engineering Directors or Vice Presidents overseeing the operation.
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This is suitable for customers requiring a specific need to be fulfilled.

MultiTech can participate in the entire life cycle that includes creating specifications, design and deployment.

MultiTech recommends this model, as it is a low risk entry-exit model.
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MultiTech can provide a team of engineers to work onsite the customer premises, provide the desired services and accomplish the specific tasks.

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