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For over 15 years, MultiTech Software Systems has been developing state-of-the-art solutions and innovative products in embedded systems, networking and communications, with the target customers ranging from Small Office Home Office (SOHO) and Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) manufacturers to Enterprise segments and large ISPs.

By working closely with the Engineering and Product development teams of OEM / ODM and Semiconductor companies, MultiTech Software Systems brings in the crucial product building capability to its customer engagements.

The value addition from MultiTech Software Systems, to develop products in time-to-market situations, comes from:

Quick understanding of the requirements  

Deep technology insights into building stable products  

Ability to develop complete reference designs for networking and communication products, optimised for highest performance  

Understanding of open standards involved in building networking and communication products  

Ability to use the vast open source resources, modify and integrate the same to suit current requirement without compromising on the quality of the products  

Exposure to testing and validation tools and equipments used in product verification  

MultiTech specializes in designing and developing software for the Networking products. MultiTech has been involved in designing and developing for more. . .

Voice over Packet technology is fast gaining popularity over the current POTS communication networks bringing in enormous cost savings to the end users. for more ...

MultiTech has a strong capability to build stable product platforms that are used to build high performance networking appliances. The Embedded Software team has over 15 years of experience in building board support packages like building tool chains, porting operating systems and writing drivers to make all the components of the platforms work in unison.
for more. . .

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