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MultiTech specializes in designing and developing software for the Networking products. MultiTech has been involved in designing and developing products like Multi-protocol routers, Remote Access Servers, Proxy servers, Firewall and VPNs, Virtual LAN and Device drivers for Serial Interface Cards.

MultiTech has also done extensive work in the development and integration of a variety of network protocol stacks like OSPF, MPLS-TE and VLAN. A suite of application protocols stacks like HTTP Engine, SMTP client, POP3 client, RADIUS client, SNMP agent, FTP server/client have been developed for integration across several products.

Apart from equipment, MultiTech has the capability to develop and customize Network Management Applications for Remote Appliance Management. This is typically based on the SNMP protocol with Agent/Manager architecture.

Having developed products for over 15 years, MultiTech is capable of handling any technical challenges involved in developing high performance secure routing devices.

Target Platforms
• MC68360
• PowerQUICC Family
• Intel x86 family
• Intel xScale
Operating Systems
• Linux – Extensive experience in developing custom Linux distributions to deliver
   ready-to-deploy products
• Microsoft Windows
• VxWorks
• SCO OpenServer /Unixware

Languages Used
• C, C++
• Assembly Language Programming for the native processor


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