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The Quality Improvement Paradigm (QIP) at MTSS aims at the building a continually improving organization bases on its evolving goals and an assessment of its status relative to that goals. The approach uses internal assessments against the organizations own goals and status and such techniques as Goal / Questions / Metrics (GQM), Model building and qualitative and quantitative analysis to improve the product through the Process.

The six fundamental steps of the QIP are….......

• Characterize the Project and its Environment

• Set the Goals

• Choose the appropriate processes

• Execute the processes

• Analyze the data

• Package the experience for reuse

Basic to this approach is the need to learn across multiple project development.

The Total Quality Management Philosophy at MTSS aims at long-term success by linking quality with customer satisfaction. Despite variation in its implementation, there are four key common elements of our TQM System:

Customer Focus: The objective is to achieve total customer satisfaction. Customer Focus includes studying customers' wants and needs, gathering customer requirements and measuring and managing customer satisfaction.

Process Improvement: The objective is to reduce process variations and to achieve continuous process improvement. Through process improvement, product quality will be enhanced.

Multitechies & Quality: The objective is to create a company - wide quality culture. Focus areas include Leadership, management commitment, employee empowerment and other social, psychological and human factors.

Measurement and Analysis: The objective is to drive continuous improvement in all quality parameters by the goal-oriented measurement system.

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