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  Linux-based Virtual Private Network (VPN)
The Virtual Private Networking / Firewall solution is designed to maximize network security without compromising network performance. It uses data encryption, user authentication and the Internet to securely connect telecommuters, remote offices, customers or suppliers to the corporate office while avoiding the cost of private leased lines or dial up charges. A browser-based interface eases VPN configuration and management. VPN functionality is based on IPSec and PPTP protocols and uses 3DES 128- bit encryption to ensure that information remains private. The Firewall security utilizes Stateful Packet Inspection and provides optional anti-virus protection.

Key characteristics of the VPN

• Protection from unauthorized access
• Ensure data/information integrity
• Ensure confidentiality

Key characteristics of the Firewall

• Stateful packet inspection
• Conceal internal network structure through Masquerading, SNAT, DNAT
• Application layer security using HTTP, DNS, SMTP, SOCKS proxies
• Alerting the administrator of relevant network events

Key Features

• IPSec and PPTP VPN tunnels for LAN-to-LAN and Client-to-LAN connections
• Stateful Packet Inspection for the Firewall
• Port Scan Detection to detect attacks on the Network
• Application layer security using HTTP, DNS, SMPT, SOCKS, proxies
• HTTP caching server with Javascript, banner, Cookie, URL filtering
• SMTP proxy with content filtering, antivirus support
• A caching name server with DNS proxy support
• Support for both SOCKS v4 and SOCKS v5 protocols
• Support for PPP over the Ethernet on the WAN interface
• PPP dial backup on COM port when the main internet link is down
• DHCP server for dynamic address assignment on the private network
• Automatic system, virus pattern updates
• Firewall management reporting
• Reporting on hardware utilization
• Monitoring of the traffic on the Ethernet interface
• Live statistics of HTTP cache hits, memory hits
• Livelog on SMTP virus emails
• Self monitor to ensure integrity of all the processes running on the firewall
• Live on port scans
• A secure, user-friendly management interface using HTTPS
• SNMP agent support for management


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