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Organizations leverage knowledge through networks of people who collaborate; and not just through networks of technology that inter-connect.

Knowledge Management forum at MultiTech encourages all Multitechies to come forward and join forces in acquiring, absorbing and disseminating knowledge. It is a window of opportunity to combine people and technology to produce "networks" of people who transform themselves into "worknets".

Multitechies share their knowledge with others through various seminars, tutorials, presentations, documents and white papers - not only within the organization, but also in several forums across the industry and academia. A few such white papers are listed below.
MPLS Traffic Engineering    
 By Ravi Ganesh V & M V Ramana Murthy (2002)
DSL : An Overview  
 By M V Ramana Murthy (2005)
VoP,Real Time,Linux and RTLinux  
  By Vidyasagaran P (2002)
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